Urban-Rural Transformation Geography


【专著名称】Urban-Rural Transformation Geography


【出版社】Springer Nature

【内容提要】This book attempts to introduce the theory of system science and engineering technology into the geographic research of urban-rural transformation, reveals the level-structure-function of urban-rural transformation, and promotes the scientific research on urban-rural transformation. Focusing on the systematic diagnosis of new-type urbanization, urban-rural land use, industrial structure transformation and public facilities allocation, this book explores the long-term mechanism, innovative model, and scientific way of urban-rural land optimal allocation and spatial reconstruction and develops urban-rural transformation geography. In terms of the contents, the book constructs the theory and method system of urban-rural transformation geography, analyzes the process, pattern, mechanism, and response of urban-rural transformation, reveals the evolution characteristics, types, and regional differences of urban-rural regional system, and finally puts forward the optimal decision-making of urban-rural transformation.

This book not only provides references for graduate and researchers in geography, regional development, urban and rural planning, resource science, environmental science, human-earth system science, sustainability science, and other related fields but also guides the decision-making of planners and government officials.

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